Previously we discussed how a player can send multiple waves of attack at same second. In this message we will go a little bit more in depth to maximize the outcome.

Step 1: Preparing the connection

Before you send the attacks using the offline mode, it's suggested to prepare your connection. To do so, do as following:
- From start menu, press run (Shortcut: Windows Key + R).
- A box will open. Inside that box type: ping -t then press Enter. This is how it looks like:

Once you click Enter (or press OK button, a black window will open that shows something like this:

In this small black window, constantly a new line will be added. It's task is to simply send a very small packet to server of and write back the result in a line for you (hence 'reply' in the beginning of its line).

In that line, there is something by the name "time=". In front of time is a number that indicates the milliseconds that it takes for your connection to get a reply from It doesn't matter if that number is high or low, what matters is in each line those numbers shouldn't have difference more than 10 percent.
For detail:

If the differences of time in each line is very high (for example 200 in one line and 1800 in the other!), it's highly suggested to change DNS of your connection. (Will discuss this point in end of this message).

Note: Remember not to close this black window while you're preparing and sending the attacks using offline mode. Simply minimize it. The purpose of this window is to make sure your connection stays up and running (doesn't go into stand-by mode), and therefore results in NO lags while sending the attacks.

Step 2: Keyboard

Now that you have set up the pinging to server, it's time to get started!
If you remember in previous guide, the last step for sending the attacks was to turn off the Offline Mode, and then reloading the Tabs. Once you click "Reload all tabs", you have to hold down the Enter key until all waves of attacks are sent. For this purpose, it's best to tune up the settings of your keyboard.
Go to Control Panel -> Keyboard

Once Keyboard's properties opens,
Set the "Repeat Delay" to short
Set the "Repeat rate" to fast.
Press OK.

Now with this small adjustment, when you hold down the Enter key in last step of offline mode, you will most probably get better results.

Step 3: Disable unnecessary plug-ins

It is necessary to close unnecessary programs, and disable unnecessary plug-ins during the time of attack to maximize the speed of your computer, as much as possible, and yes any small bit counts.

To disable unnecessary plug-ins in firefox, go to: Tools -> Add-ons.
After disabling, restart your firefox, and you can enable them any time later.

Step 4: Changing DNS settings

By doing this you tell your PC which DNS you want to use for all your surfing. Usually this is set to 'automatic' and we can set the DNS manually too.

If your pinging time is not regular and has hiccups, then it is highly suggested to change your DNS Server.
To change your DNS Server according to this image:

If you notice in the picture above, the prefered DNS server is set to and Alternate DNS server is set to

Those addresses are Google's public DNS server (which are quite powerful). I personally have used them and time differences while pinging has reduced quite a lot . By changing these settings your internet won't get into trouble and it works just like before (don't worry!). You can change the settings and set DNS Server to Automatically Obtain any time.

If you have any questions related to this message or previous guides, please don't hesitate and contact me at Serok

Stay tuned for following Topics as they will be posted soon:
Topic B: As a defender how to deal with same second waves.
Topic C: As an attacker, how to overcome the solution in Point 2.

Probably some of you know about this, but just for the sake of fun and breaking the formal atmosphere, I've decided to MM this little fun fact. I hope you find it useful.

Sometimes you may struggle finding a message that was received long time ago and is buried under hundreds of messages. With this simple technique you can filter the messages and find it in no time.

Prerequisite: What is an ID?
Every player has an ID in travian servers. If you click any player's name, you will see a link in address bar that ends with a number. That number indicates the ID. My ID is 41194, meaning that I was the 41194th player that registered on this server. Here is how it looks on address bar:
ts9 . travian . com/spieler.php?uid=41194

Now that you know the concept of ID, let's get to the point in a step by step manner so that you won't be lost.

Filtering messages in Inbox:
Step 1: Go to your Inbox: ---->
Step 2 - to find/filter inbox messages that you received from a specific player, simply add ?&from=# to the end of Inbox URL in your address bar, where # is the ID of that specific player.

For example: To filter all the messages that you received from me:

Replace the ID number in the end of URL with ID of the person you need to filter. As easy as that .
Important Rule:
In a village, either train offensive or defensive units. Mixing these offense and defense in any village is a weak strategy. You can have very few (like 200) defensive units in your hammer village for fakes and speed-control purposes, however it's best to avoid training mass amount of both types of units in same village. It's just waste of crop consumption that counts every single hour.

Let me clear out Offense and Defense, once and for all:
Defensive Units are:
Praetorian Praetorian, Legionnaire Legionnaire

Offensive Units:
Imperians, EI, EC, Ram, Catapult Imperian, Equites Imperatoris, Equites Caesaris, Battering Ram, Fire Catapult

Defensive Units:
Phalanx Phalanx, Druidrider Druidrider

Offensive Units:
Swordsman, Theutates Thunder (somehow), Haeduan, Ram, Catapult, Swordsman, Theutates Thunder, Haeduan, Ram, Trebuchet

Defensive Units:
Spearman Spearman, Paladin Paladin

Offensive Units:
Clubswinger, Axeman, Teutonic Knight, Ram, Catapult, Clubswinger, Axeman, Teutonic Knight, Ram, Catapult

I repeat, no matter which race you are, training mass defense and offense in same village is bad idea.

If you're defensive Romans player:
For the most part, stick to Praetorian (Praetorians). They are the strongest/most efficient defensive units against infantry offenses in whole travian. Romans defense is too slow, however it provides heavy amount of defense if they reach the defendant village on time.
Defensive Romans should not invest much on legionnaires. Legionnaires provide some defense against cavalry but comparing to their cost, they're not efficient. Defense against cavalry will be mostly on shoulders of Gauls and Teutons.

If you're Offensive Romans player:
In your hammer village focus mainly on Imperians, EI (or EC but EI is preferred), rams and catapults. Avoid mixing praetorian and legionnaires in your offensive village.
You might have one offensive army in your non-capital village and another offensive army in your capital. Avoid having too many offensive villages as two offensive villages is more than enough.
Important: Use rest of your feeder villages as your defensive base (mainly praetorian).

If you're defensive Gaul player:
For the most part, stick to Phalanx (Phalanx). When comparing cost, crop consumption, unit speed, and total defense (against infantry, and cavalry), Phalanx of Gauls proudly gets the rank one in whole travian.
However, Druidriders are amazing defensive units too. They are fastest defenses that can save the day while having a great defensive power. The only downside is, they are a bit costly.
In summary, train mostly Phalanx (70 percent) and rest focus on Druidrider.

If you're Offensive Gaul player:
In your hammer village focus mainly on Swordsman, Theutates Thunder or Haeduan(will discuss which one is better in another MM), Ram and Catapults. Avoid mixing phalanx and Druidraiders in your offensive village.
You might have one offensive army in your non-capital village and another offensive army in your capital. Avoid having too many offensive villages as two offensive villages is more than enough.
Important: Use rest of your feeder villages as your defensive base (mainly Phalanx).

If you're defensive Teuton player:
For the most part, stick to Spearman (Spearmen). When it comes to defense against cavalry offenses, no other unit in any race can be compared to Spearman of Teutons. They're cheap, and consume low crop yet provide highest defense against cavalry.
Paladins are not bad too, but compare to their cost, crop consumption they provide very little defensive power.
Try to invest highly on Spearmen (75 percent) and rest on Paladins. Gauls and Romans will be focusing more on defense against infantry, it's Teuton's task to cover the defense against cavalry for the most part.

If you're Offensive Teuton player:
In your hammer village focus mainly on Clubswingers, Axeman, Teutonic Knight, Ram and Catapults. Avoid training Spearmen and Paladins in your offensive village.
You might have one offensive army in your non-capital village and another offensive army in your capital. Avoid having too many offensive villages as two offensive villages is more than enough.
Important: Use rest of your feeder villages as your defensive base (mainly Spearman).