Some of you remember the alliance 5|D™.
It was at the 1st place with 21 members and it had every medal 1st place exept attacking.
So since the restart i'd like if you'd join my alliance again.

Rules of the alliance.

1`) Our alliance isn't for farms.
Before asking any help from your alliance, try to manage it yourself.
It would be nice if you'd be on coorinates (-|-), so we could have much better teamork.

2`) You can't attack ally, NAP or the members of our alliance.
Punishment will be throw-out or your hour production.

3`) Embassy tax is necessary because it's the start of the server and our leader doesn't have enough resources to grow and level-up embassy.
Embassy tax - A tax that helps the leader level-up the embassy.
It's for more people to join.

4`) You have to be helpful and friendly to your teammates NAP or ally mates.

5`) To join us post in the forum or write Affipärdic.
NB! Without titled and forming letters will not be answered!

6`) Your sitter has to be from only OUR alliance!

7`) You have to be active! Your activity ball can't be yellow, red or gray. If you have 3 warnings then you have to pay the leader 2/h resources or will be kicked!

8`) Swearing and playing stupid isn't allowed. We're looking for more educated people with good language skills not 5 year old children.

9`) NEVER underestimate the enemy. Kunagi ära alahinda vaenlast. Population isn't always important.

10`) If found typos or if you have something else to ask / tell then contact with Affipärdic.