A lot of new players get surprised when they see multiple attacks at the same time are landing on them . In this tutorial we will get to the bottom of this simple technique for both defensive and offensive members. Even if you might be familiar with this technique(s), I urge you to read it at least once for the sake of revision.

After reading these message series, you should have the knowledge of:
Topic A: Sending multiple waves at same second using offline mode.
Topic B: As a defender how to deal with same second waves.
Topic C: As an attacker, how to overcome the solution in Point 2.

All right, let's get started!

Topic A: Multiple attack waves, using offline mode.

Step 1:You need mozilla firefox. If you don't have it, download from here and then install it:

Step 2: Login to your travian account on firefox. Select a target village to attack. For example

Step 3: Right click on Send troops and click "Open Link In New Tab". Do this process until you open at least 6 tabs (or as many you wish).

Step 4: Go to first tab, select the units that you want to send, select the type of attack, and press the first OK button. Now travian confirms if you want to send units. Do not click the second OK button yet. Leave this tab as it is for now and go to next tab.

Step 5: Repeat the process of Step 4, for all the other tabs (select units for each, select type of attack, and click only on first OK button).

Note: At this point we have multiple tabs opened, and in each tab units waiting to be launched.

Step 6: Go to Mozilla Firefox's menu bar, by clicking on File, then clicking on Offline Mode. While Offline Mode is selected, go back to tab 1, click on OK button to send the troops. Firefox will curse at you by showing an error. It is normal, you're doing it correctly. Go to second tab, click OK, then third tab and click OK until you clicked OK on all tabs. At this point all the tabs are showing error. Again, it's normal.

Step 7: Switch off the Offline Mode, by clicking File, Offline Mode. Now right-click on any of the tabs and select "Reload All Tabs". A message box will appear. Hold done Enter key on your keyboard for few seconds until all the tabs are reloaded. Once tabs are reloaded, all the waves will be sent. Check you rally point to view the results.

Since this tutorial is merely theories and explanations, you might be lost at some point. It's all right. Watch this short video to see how it is done step by step.


Once all the members mastered this technique, then we will discuss ways to improve numbers of waves in a second, ways to prevent sudden hiccups in between waves and also how to ensure our connection with travian server stays "Up and Running" during sending attacks, to result in a smooth and perfect multiple same-second attacks.

For next tutorial, we will discuss Topic B, and finally Topic C.

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